TOBAISE BROOKINS is the Senior Pastor of the Bethesda Apostolic Church in Fresno, California-frequently referred to now as the Bethesda Experience.  Anointed, appointed and radical are the words that have been used to describe this man of God, yet the members of Bethesda affectionately call him “Pastor”. Tobaise Brookins was appointed as Senior Pastor by the founder of the Bethesda Apostolic Church, the late Honorable Bishop Henry L. Johnson in December 2010 and was formally installed on May 14, 2011.  Congregants of Bethesda are charged with the mission of “Bringing Healing to the Nations” and under his leadership Bethesda has continued as one of the most prominent and fastest growing churches in the Central San Joaquin Valley.

Tobaise Brookins is an ordained Elder in the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. Tobaise Brookins is an author and educator. He has written and self-published four booklets, "The Holy Spirit", "Tools for Spiritual Warfare," "The Garden Experience," and a prayer study guide called F.O.R.M. P.O.W.E.R. In 2009, he released his freshman literary work “Our Warfare”. This book serves as an instruction manual to equip Christian believers for spiritual warfare. A graduate of the University of Washington, he holds Masters degrees in Education and Special Education, degrees in Psychology and Sociology, a California Teaching and Administrative Credential, and is currently working on a PhD in Educational Leadership and Administration.
He is committed to helping people of different backgrounds, ethnicities and socio-economic statuses.  Pastor Brookins’ passion for serving others makes for a unique approach to ministry; and he possesses a long history of working with at-risk populations and developing educational programs. These programs are typically designed to meet the needs of ever-changing populations, and focus on ways to help participants realize their full potential. Pastor T. Brookins’ energy, excitement and passion for outreach is quite addictive.  Bethesda is experiencing positive spiritual growth as we endeavor to bring the gospel to all men and women regardless of their ethnic, socio-economic, or life backgrounds

Tobaise Brookins is a dynamic teacher who utilizes simple, relatable teaching methods.  For the past 12 years he has pursued instructional excellence and has demonstrated just that in his work with secondary school students in the Los Angeles Unified School District and New York Public Schools. This talented educator is now serving the Fresno Unified School District as a Teacher on Special Assignment in the Special Education Department. With community in mind, Brookins is also currently helping to build a Social-Emotional Support Centers across the district.  These centers have provided students with the tools necessary to handle life’s difficulties while excelling academically.
Tobaise Brookins is a man of vision, conviction and depth. He is leading a movement of spirit-filled believers to spread the love of Christ in all areas of society. His passion for souls and desire to see all people live an abundant life in Christ has become the staple of his ministry. In the short time since his relocation to Fresno, Pastor Tobaise Brookins has already managed to help hundreds of people find hope, salvation and the power of God through love. His belief that the empowered should empower others encourages the kind of spiritual and natural growth that is positively affecting our city, state and country.  RADICAL is the word that best describes this Man of God and Bethesda is indeed “Bringing Healing to the Nations.”

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